the Consorzio Stabile Abils is able to intervene in all phases of civil engineering works, from planning to implementation of:

  • Civil and industrial buildings
  • transport infrastructure: railways, streets, airports near bridges and tunnels
  • hydraulic constructions: barrier works, dams, safeguard hydraulic works, bridles and embanking, aqueducts, sewers, channels
    in seismic structures

The experience acquired by the companies has allowed Abils to develop new solutions and strategies particularly effective for some of the most critical aspects concerning the construction of civil works, as environmental protection and reducing the inconvenience to users during processing work and infrastructure. In particular, are of considerable interest in the following types of application:


Expansion of routes and railway lines
Construction of underpasses, underpass, railroad bridge with railway line into operation
Noise pollution, study and design of mitigation interventions


sizing runways
Special high performance flooring
design and implementation for aircraft aprons and parking
approach systems and signage
Terminal – architectural study
study and implementation of internal and external traffic


regeneration road surface in situ without traffic interruption