was formed in 2005, based on the experience of some of the Centennial Associates, with the ambitious goal to bring together companies operating in the field of construction of public works and infrastructure typically, consolidating experiences and professionalism in a new entity but with some ability to synergistic and occupy a central role in the construction industry.

The Consortium can count, inside, for companies that have developed over time, innovative construction techniques, able to make highly specialised works, Thanks to the professionalism of the staff and management and technical experience in the field gained from the entire workforce and the same staff, any profile and level. The Consortium (and consortium members) enjoy excellent references both to public and private clients with which over the years has worked, with the banking system both, where is known for reliability, the reliability and accuracy of his work. Over time, have become part of the new consortium different companies that have increased the areas of intervention of the same and with greater operational autonomy and independence.

The Consortium has a consistent SOA certificate that enables it to participate in tenders and substantial that has within it several specialist categories covering comprehensively and with high technical standard and the specialist needs of the client. The Consortium is also in possession of the qualification for design and construction services for the maximum achievable and reward mechanisms inherent enjoys possession corporate quality.

The Consortium is able to offer civil engineering services, having developed also a planning and feasibility study (technician, environmental and economical) the works proposed. The consortium structure is now able to act on construction works (reinforced concrete constructions), airport charges, by rail, roads, plants, Special flooring, with all the outbuildings and interventions connected. This resulted in the implementation of the company's staff with new figures of technicians and specialized personnel, that has contributed to increasing the level of productivity and technical and professional skills of the company.

It is important to emphasize that the Consorzio stabile ABILS, working in the field of design and construction of public works, naturally lends itself to develop synergies with third parties offering relevant joint development opportunities and active cooperation on the international market, both the planning, road of land registers, mobility plans, maintenance planning, water resources planning, the protection and development of renewable and non-renewable natural resources.

It underscores how the company has ongoing important environmental impact study and Mitigation of infrastructure throughout the country, both road and rail, developing solutions and highly innovative technical decisions for the local area.

There is also specialized software in the field of infrastructure and transport. Remarkable is the machinery and equipment in the possession of the structure, both in terms of numbers that for production capacities. By way of example, we list the major brands: Caterpillar, Wirtgen, Bomag, Hitachi, Komatsu, Mercedes, Marini, Rev, ETCC.

A further element of undisputed value consists of the fleet for which the Group has. In the field of environmental remediation have recently acquired technologies and know-how from leading German companies, such as Bomag, Wirtgen and allowing soil stabilization, of land and industrial sites, However, contaminated or damaged, through the use of more traditional technologies such as lime and cement both innovative stabilizers; all in full compliance with current rules, If not in some cases anticipating even the legislative evolution, going more and more towards new and more stringent environmental protection absolute, Thanks to technical features and development of which these vehicles are equipped with.

The company, In fact, already at the time of machines of high technical standards can recycle in situ and the cold road surfaces wear. Highlights, Finally, These machines are highly innovative goods from a technological point of view, with unquestionable environmental capacity. Such means, In fact, enabling in-situ recycling of road surfaces damaged with the recovery 100% of existing material, enable, among other things, eliminate traditional processing steps, such as those of milling, milled material transport, the production and subsequent supply of Virgin material.