Study and development of innovative asphalt with low environmental impact and its production processes by developing a prototype pilot plant for special applications in an airport field, interport, rail and road.


  • Development and optimization of new techniques of recycling in asphalt road surface, with a low environmental impact
  • Identification and implementation of communication and management tools for product marketing formulation and production of asphalt quality at minimal environmental impact, throughout their lifetime.
  • Technological survey on production conglomerates and their quantitative characteristics
  • Analysis of legislation and authorization constraints at European level
  • Use of the product Life Cycle Assessment/Environmental Product Declaration
  • design and construction of a pilot plant for the new production process
  • Test field for development of analytical instrumental methods/materials


Extreme versatility of operation in the various sections of the plant, whom:

Mixer designed for dosing of various types of liquid additives, solids and various bituminous binders – ONLY in Italy where it is possible to vary the blending speed

Selector screen – ONLY in Italy where it is possible to vary the vibration frequency as a function of flowrate of material and product of the same type in order to optimize performance and minimize material queues in undersize hoppers

Burner predisposed to the use of any fuel, such as heavy fuel oil, diesel, natural gas, pulverised coal and optimized for energy consumption

Reduced installation costs Thanks to modular and pre-assembled components

Minimization of overall dimensions on the ground of circuits and allow energy savings of up to 15%, Thanks to their compact size and insulation

Optimum design of drying line in order to reduce the unburned and subsequent emissions of pollutants

Design suitable for all recycling solutions up to 100% milled material recycling When cold

Energy saving about 45% compared to traditional systems

Reduced environmental impact in terms of polluting emissions and noise

Reduced maintenance Thanks to the choice of materials


Pilot plant


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